Hillyer Art Library Copystand

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Photographic Reproductions

  • Hillyer Art Library has a photographic copy stand available for use by all patrons. It is housed in the Image Study Room (Hillyer 119).
  • The stand includes a 35mm camera mount, 2 adjustable quartz lights, and a 19" x 20" ruled base.
  • Patrons must supply their own cameras (35mm only) and film.
  • For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions on using the copystand, see Using the Hillyer Art Library Copystand.
  • Professional photographic reproductions may be commissioned from Media Services (413) 585-2954 or from the Department of Art Image Collections (413) 585-3130.

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Lisa DeCarolis (413) 585-2940 hillinfo@smith.edu