Computer Use Policies

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Computer Access

  • Computers are primarily for research use. At busy times, personal, recreational or other non-academic use must be suspended. Patrons must vacate computers at the request of library staff. 
  • Computers designated for Smith College users require a current Smith Network login. Five College students registering for Smith classes may contact Smith College ITS to apply for network access in order to use the computers designated for Smith only access.
  • Five College Users (Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, & UMass/Amherst) and Smith College Alumnae may use the six computers designated for their use at the north end of the Mair Room. Users must display a valid campus ID.
  • All other users may use the five computers designated for public access in Level 1 Core of Neilson Library, just outside the Mair Room. Open use computers are provided for access to library and internet resources for academic research. Access is limited to 30 minutes per day. Users must vacate computers at the request of library staff. See Use Violations below.
  • Lexis/Nexis may be used only by Smith College students, faculty and staff.

Use Violations

Computer use in the Libraries is governed by the Smith College Acceptable Use of Computer and Electronic Resources Policy.

  • Engaging is such activities as:
    • Gaming/entertainment
    • Shopping/ebay
    • Chatting/social computing
    • Conducting business
    • Viewing pornography
  • Deliberately altering, reconfiguring or abusing hardware, software or computer security.
  • Downloading audio, video, or software files.
  • Illegal activity under federal, state, or local law, including copyright infringement.
  • Non-compliance with stated use policies; violation of any other Smith College policies.


  • Printing: $.05 per page. Smith patrons may use their Smith OneCard. Others may purchase a guest campus cash card in Neilson Library, 1 Core, or in other locations. For more information, see Printers.
  • The Libraries offer wireless printing to users on Smith's wireless network from anywhere on campus, using the pay-for-print system. For more information, see Wireless Printing.