Electronic Classroom

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Student Use & Open Hours

The Smith College Libraries Electronic Classroom is located on the first floor (north) of Neilson Library, beyond the Reference section. Although its primary purpose is for library instruction, it is available for use during library hours as a computer laboratory when not being used for classes or meetings. Check computer availability in Electronic Classroom.


Computers in the Electronic Classroom require a current Smith Network login. Five College students registering for Smith classes should contact the Smith College ITS User Support Center to apply for network access in order to use the classroom. (Information Technology Systems, Stoddard Hall, 585-4487)


The primary purpose of the Smith College Libraries Classroom is as a place for the teaching of electronic and other library resources by library staff.

When not needed for library instruction, the room is also available for use by Smith College faculty needing a location for demonstrating electronic resources to a class.

During other hours the room will be available to members of the Smith community for access to electronic resources and other software as deemed appropriate by the Systems Librarian.


Classes in library instruction have absolute priority over all other uses of the room. Scheduling will be overseen by the Library Instruction Coordinator or, in his/her absence, another reference librarian. Reservation requests by non-library staff should be directed to the Neilson Library Reference Section at (413) 585-2960, neilref@smith.edu.

Daily schedules of events including open use hours will be posted on this bulletin board. When not in use, the room will be available for staff use upon request.


Except by special invitation the Smith College Libraries Classroom will be available to Smith community members only. As with other Smith computer laboratories, students will be required to enter a password to access resources.

While the room is available for occasional use by Smith College faculty, it is not for routine class meetings. First-time instructors are asked to schedule a brief orientation with the Library Instruction Coordinator before using the room.

No software may be loaded or computer reconfigured without the consent of the Systems Librarian. At least 72 hour notice should be given if any such changes are desired.

All activities in the Smith College Libraries Classroom must conform to Smith College's computer use and copyright policies.