Smith & Five College Library Locations

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Following is a list of library location codes as they appear in the Five College Library Catalog, indicating where those items can be found.

Five College Library Locations

SC  Smith College
AC  Amherst College
HC  Hampshire College
MH  Mount Holyoke College
UM  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
FC   Five College Library Repository Collection
FC E-Resources  Five College Electronic Resources

Smith College Libraries Locations

Click on a location for more information.
SC Neilson Neilson Library SC Rare Book Room Mortimer Rarebook Room
SC Science Young Science Library SC Sophia Smith Coll Sophia Smith Collection
SC Art Hillyer Art Library SC College Archives Smith College Archives
SC Josten Josten Performing Arts Library SC Storage Smith College Storage
SC All other Smith locations    

Neilson Library

SC/Neilson - Neilson Library (413) 585-2910 - directions to Neilson Library  
BOOKS:  Locations by Call Number
LC Call Numbers:   Dewey Call Numbers:  
A - BT B south 000 - 317.3 Un3 3 south
BV - D B west 317.3 Un3m - 378.494 3 west
E - F B core 378.494N - 849 3 north
G - LB B north 850 - 939 4 west
LC - PQ 2620 A west 940 - 999 4 north
PQ 2621 - Z A north    
SC/Neil Periodicals/2 Current Periodicals  
A - N       2 south   SC/Neil Per Room/3 3 east
P - Z       2 north      
Other SC/Neil:      
SC/Neil Audio Inquire at desk SC/Neil Multcul 1 core
SC/Neil Biblio 1 west SC/Neil Newsppr 3 east
SC/Neil Brittle Books Inquire at desk SC/Neil Ovrsize A core
SC/Neil Browsing Room 1 east SC/Neil Rare Book Room 3 north
SC/Neil Burack 1 core SC/Neil Ref 1 north
SC/Neil Caverno 3 core SC/Neil Ref Atl 1 north
SC/Neil CD-ROM 1 core/Reserve Desk SC/Neil Ref Desk 1 west
SC/Neil DVD Inquire at desk SC/Neil Ref Ind 1 north
SC/Neil Dewey Art/4 4 core SC/Neil Ref Ofc 1 north
SC/Neil E Asian 4 core SC/Neil Reserve 1 core
SC/Neil Kahn Institute 3 south SC/Neil Thesis 2 north
SC/Neil Laserdisc Inquire at desk SC/Neil Travel Core/1 1 core
SC/Neil M'card B north SC/Neil UN Doc 2 north
SC/Neil M'fiche B north SC/Neil US Doc 2 north
SC/Neil M'film B north SC/Neil Video Inquire at desk
SC/Neil Micro B north    

Young Science Library

SC/Science - Young Science Library - (413) 585-2950; directions to Young Science Library
BOOKS: SC/Science      
LC Call Numbers:   SC/Science Dewey: Mezzanine
A - Q Mezzanine    
QA - Z 2nd Floor    
PERIODICALS: SC/Science Periodicals    
Bound volumes - Basement Current Issues - 1st floor/Reserve Desk
Other SC/Science:      
SC/Science Atlas Basement SC/Science Oversize 1st floor
SC/Science CD-ROM 1st floor/Reserve Desk SC/Science Reference 1st floor
SC/Science Lib.Office 1st floor SC/Science Reserve 1st floor
SC/Science Map Basement, map cases SC/Science Resrch Ref 1st floor
SC/Science Microfiche 1st floor, microform room SC/Science Storage Request Item
SC/Science Microfilm 1st floor, microform room SC/Science Tiley 1st floor
SC/Science New Book 1st floor SC/Science Video 1st floor/Reserve Desk

Hillyer Art Library

SC/Art - Hillyer Art Library - (413) 585-2940; directions to Hillyer Art Library
BOOKS: SC/Art and SC/Art Restricted Circ: PERIODICALS: SC/Art Periodicals:
LC Call Numbers:    
A - F Level C (Basement) Current Issues - First Floor
G - N 6922 First Floor Bound periodicals - Cellar Level
N 6923 - Z Second Floor    
Other SC/Art:    
SC/Art Reference First Floor, Reference Area  
SC/Art Reserve Request at Art Library Service Desk  
SC/Art Oversized Second Floor (folio shelving along north wall)
SC/Art Locked Stacks Request at Art Library Service Desk  
SC/Art CD-ROM Request at Art Library Service Desk  
SC/Art Microforms Second Floor (yellow cabinets along north wall)
SC/Art Storage:      
SC/Storage Art Request Item  
SC/Storage Art Restric Request Item  
SC/Storage Art Ref Request Item  

Josten Performing Arts Library

SC/Josten - Josten Performing Arts Library - (413) 585-2930; directions to Josten Library
SC/Josten Book Upper Stacks SC/Josten Score Lower Stacks
SC/Josten Folio Book Upper Stacks SC/Josten Mini Score Lower Stacks
SC/Storage Josten Request Item SC/Josten Folio Score Lower Stacks
SC/Storage Josten Ovr Request Item SC/Josten Xfolio Score Lower Stacks
SC/Storage Josten Ltd Request Item    
SC/Josten Periodical   SC/Josten Loan LP Inquire at Desk
Current issues Reference Room    
LC Periodicals Upper Stacks & Corridor RESERVES:  
Bound Periodicals Storage Request Form SC/Josten Reserve Inquire at Desk
Microforms:   Rare Books:  
SC/Josten Microform Inquire at Desk SC/Josten Rare Book Inquire at Desk
Reference:   Reference Recordings:  
SC/Josten Reference Reference Room SC/Josten Compact Disc Inquire at Desk
SC/Josten Quick Ref Reference Room SC/Josten LP Recording Inquire at Desk
SC/Storage Josten Ltd Request Item SC/Josten 78 Recording Inquire at Desk
SC/Josten Choral Ref Inquire at Desk SC/Josten Cassette Inquire at Desk
SC/Josten Orchestra Inquire at Desk SC/Josten RR Tape Inquire at Desk
SC/Josten Office Inquire at Desk SC/Josten CD Folio Inquire at Desk
SC/Josten CD-ROM Inquire at Desk    
Reference Videos   Theses  
SC/Josten Video Inquire at Desk SC/Josten Thesis Reference Room
SC/Josten DVD Inquire at Desk Treasure Cases  
SC/Josten Laser Disc Inquire at Desk SC/Josten Treasure Lower Stacks
SC/Josten Video Ref Inquire at Desk SC/Josten Treasure Folio Lower Stacks

Other Smith Locations

Catalog Location  
SC/College Archives Smith College Archives, Alumnae Gym - directions
SC/Rare Book Room Mortimer Rare Book Room, Neilson Library, 3 North - directions
SC/Sophia Smith Collection Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym - directions
SC/Storage Request Item
SC/Career Development Career Development Office, Drew Hall
SC/Clarke School Clarke School for the Deaf, NOTE: The Library at 47 Round Hill Rd. is closed, as of June 2012. Materials are being transferred to the Smith libraries collections.