Ordering Books Electronically

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These are instructions for ordering books electronically through the GOBI system. Orders will go directly to Acquisitions. If you have questions, contact your library liaison.

Note that the Smith College Libraries will order an additional copy of a title owned by (or on order at) another Five College library only when essential for supporting teaching, learning and research at Smith College. See instructions in step #2.


  1. You will receive an email from your library liaison or DoNotReply@ypb.com. Click the link in the email or paste the url into your browser.

    alert email

  2. This screen contains the newest titles for your department. Please note some useful information to the right of the screen.

    *Tells you the status of the item in our library. Please make sure not to order any books that have already been ordered (title recommended, library open order, shipped to library, etc.)

     *GobiTween tells you if UMass/Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, or Amherst own the book. For example, 1 book/5 slips means that one copy is already owned in the Five Colleges.

    Five College holdings

    * If you see that another Five College library already has or has ordered this title, you must insert "SC Copy Essential" in the Library Note field by clicking Add. Otherwise, this title will not be ordered.

    * Your library liaison may also leave notes for you in the Library Note field. Your liaison will let you know in advance if they are going to use this field.

    library note


  3. To select any of the titles on this screen for purchase, click to the left of the title. A blue bar will appear in this area. Below, the title on the left has not been selected and the one on the right has been selected.

    title not selectedtitle selected

  4. After you have finished your selections, click Recommend in the left menu.

    title recommended

  5. Any titles you have selected will now say This Item Has Been Recommended. Your selections will automatically go to Acquisitions for processing.