Course Catalog 2023-2024

Social Work (Ph.D. Program)

Our Ph.D. program prepares advanced clinical scholars and practitioners to contribute to knowledge about clinical social work theory and practice and research.

Our students are trained to be leaders in education, research and scholarship, as well as clinical supervisors, consultants and advanced practitioners.

You will find graduates of our Ph.D. program among the faculty of social work schools across the U.S. and abroad. They are some of today's leading clinical social work practitioners and scholars.

In our Ph.D. program, you will:

  • Prepare to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge about clinical social work practice that is committed to greater justice and anti-racism.
  • Learn to design and undertake research and scholarship on clinical practice.
  • Advance your capacity for critical thinking in relation to the knowledge, values and skills relevant to the practice of clinical social work and research on clinical practice that is committed to social justice.
  • Refine and further develop your clinical skills in order to achieve and conceptualize an advanced level of clinical and research competence.
  • Hone leadership skills that will help you promote the social work profession’s commitment to social justice and to serving diverse, vulnerable and historically marginalized populations.
  • Develop your pedagogical knowledge and skills and gain mentored experience in teaching clinical social work courses.