Course Catalog 2024-2025

Doctoral Program Student Handbook

About the Handbook

This handbook includes statements of the major policies and regulations of the Smith College School for Social Work. Faculty and students are expected to be conversant with its contents.

Statements in the Smith College School for Social Work's Ph.D. Program Handbook should be taken as the School's current determination of courses, programs, policies, tuition and fees as presently established. Admission to specific courses will be dependent on qualifications of the students and availability of instruction.

The School reserves the right to change its courses, programs policies, tuition and fees subsequent to the publication of this handbook.

Table of Contents

Mission Statement

Including: Anti-Racism Core Principles, Statement on Philosophy of Inclusion, Notice of Non-Discrimination, Religious Accommodation, Council on Social Work Education Professional Competencies

100 Program Overview

Including: 100.1 Educational Objectives, 100.2 Program Structure: Residency and Post-Residency, 100.3 Program Requirements

101 Coursework
Including: 101.1 Educational Objectives, 101.2 First Summer Courses, 101.3 Second Summer Courses, 101.4 Third Summer Courses

102 Clinical Internship
Including: 102.1 Educational Objectives, 102.2 The Training Center, 102.3 Clinical supervision, 102.4 Practicum Faculty Adviser (PFA), 102.5 Clinical Internship Assignments, 102.6 Standards of Performance for the First- and Second-Year Clinical Internships, 102.7 Extensions of the Fieldwork, 102.8 Clinical Advanced Standing

103 Clinical Qualifying Exams
Including: 103.1 Overview, 103.2 Written Clinical Exam: Procedures and Criteria, 103.3. Oral Clinical Exam: Procedures and Criteria

104 Research Internship
Including: 104.1 Educational Objectives, 104.2 Options for the Research Internship, 104.3 Research Internship Proposal, 104.4 Research Internship Report, 104.5 Faculty Support for the Research Internship, 104.6 Guidelines for Authorship, Ownership and Acknowledgment

105 Comprehensive Examination
Including: 105.1 Overview, 105.2  Educational Objectives, 105.3 Comprehensive Exam Process, 105.4 The Final Comprehensive Exam Manuscript & Manuscript Due Date, 105.5 Mentoring for Preparation of Comprehensive Exam, 105.6 The Research Supervisor and the Comprehensive Exam, 105.7 Rating and Approval of the Comprehensive Examination Manuscript

106 Dissertation
Including: 106.1 Overview, 106.2 Standards for the Dissertation Project, 106.3 Guidelines for Authorship, Ownership, & Acknowledgment, 106.4 Supports for the Dissertation Project, 106.5 Proposal hearing & Dissertation Defense, 106.6 Developing the Dissertation Proposal, 106.7 Human Subjects Review, 106.8 The Dissertation Manuscript, 106.9  Dissertation Deadlines

200 Academic Standards
Including: 200.1 Class Attendance, 200.2 Grading Policy, 200.3 Grading Structure, 200.4 Evaluative Measures and Academic Warnings, 200.5 Grade Requirements for Required and Elective Courses, 200.6 Grading for Ten-Week Courses, 200.7 Final Grade of Marginal Pass or Failure, 200.8 Incomplete Work, 200.9 Final Evaluation Forms, 200.10 Grade Changes, 200.11 Grading the Clinical Internship

300 Academic and Clinical Internship Performance Standing Committee
Including: 300.1 Role and Function, 300.2 Committee Composition, 300.3 Review of a Student's Clinical Internship Performance, 300.4 Consultation on a Student's Clinical Internship Performance, 300.5 Review and Consultation of Academic Performance, 300.6 Personal or Professional Conduct: Academic and Clinical Internship

400 Appeals and Grievance Procedures
Including: 400.1 General Grievance Procedures, 400.2 Procedures for Pursuing Concerns Regarding Race and Diversity, 400.3 Formal Grievances or Civil Rights Complaints, 400.4 Procedures for Grievances Regarding Academic Performance, 400.5 Due Process, 400.6 Evaluative Judgment in Course Grading

500 Administrative Policies and Procedures
Including: 500.1 Voluntary Leave of Absence, 500.2 Mandatory Leave of Absence, 500.3 Returning from Leave of Absence 500.4 Withdrawal, 500.5 Probation and Dismissal, 500.6 Dismissal - Academic Work

600 Financial Matters
Including: 600.1 Refund Policy, 600.2 Financial Assistance, 600.3 Fees and Expenses, 600.4 Post-Residency Enrollment Fees, 600.5 Waiver of Post-Residency Enrollment Fees during Leave of Absence, 600.6 Miscellaneous Administrative Fees, 600.7 On Campus Housing, 600.8 Other Fees

700 Access to Student Records
Including: 700.1 School Policies and Procedures in Accordance with FERPA, 700.2 Records kept by the SSW Registrar's Office, 700.3 Records Kept by the Student Financial Services Office, 700.4 Records Kept by the Career Development Office, 700.5 Records Kept by the Office of Disability Services

800 SSW Campus Life and Responsibilities
Including: 800.1 Social Events Accessibility Policy, 800.2 Using Social Media in Professional & Educational Endeavors, 800.3 Religious Accommodations (formerly Pref), 800.4 SSW Policy on Alcohol, 800.5 Communications from the School, 800.6 CSWE Curriculum Policy Statement, 800.7 Housing, 800.7.1 Community Living and Responsibility, 800.7.2 Housing Policies, 800.7.3 House Rules, 800.7.4  House Security

900 College Wide Policies
900.1 Statement of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression, 900.2 Policies Concerning Freedom of Expressions and Dissent, 900.3 Smith College Equal Educational Opportunity Policy, 900.4 Smith College Sexual Misconduct Policy, 900.5 Smith College Policy on Substance Abuse and Substance Use, 900.6 Smith College Policies Regarding Alcohol, 900.7 Smoking Policy, 900.8 Pranks and Hazing, 900.9 Disability Services Policy, 900.10 Service and Support Animals Policies, 900.11 Parking Policies, 900.12 Smith College Policy on Chalking, 900.13 Posting of Information, 900.14 Firearms Policy, 900.15 Missing Student Policy, 900.16 Bicycle Policy, 900.17 Smith College Social Events Policy, Student Handbook Addendum: Student Guide to Public Health and Campus Life

1000 Policy and Oversight Committee

2000 Doctoral Students Organization (DSO) Constitution

Appendix A: 1st Year Practicum Learning Assignments

Appendix B: Case Study Guidelines

Appendix C: 2nd Year Practicum Learning Assignments

Appendix D: Guidelines for Authorship, Ownership and Acknowledgement