Course Catalog 2023-2024

Museums Concentration

MUX 120/ ARX 120/ BKX 120 Colloquium: Concentration Gateway Course (2 Credits)

Offered as ARX 120, BKX 120 and MUX 120. This course serves as a shared gateway for the Archives, Book Studies and Museums concentrations. Students explore histories, futures and systems of knowledge production, preservation, organization and distribution through the kinds of objects and evidence held by archives, libraries and museums. As evidence of their evolving and complex operations, this course introduces the history of such institutions, their evolving public mission, issues central to their work today, and the creation and uses of materials they hold. The course critically engages the emergence of such institutions, specifically within this regional context and in this framework of a college campus. S/U only. Enrollment limited to 25. (E)

Fall, Spring, Annually

MUX 222hf Colloquium: Topics in Museums Studies: Art Museums as Institutions of Human Flourishing (1 Credit)

This course introduces the confluence of museum education practice and the emerging study within the field of positive psychology of the benefits to human flourishing of engaging with arts and culture. The class considers museums as audience-centered organizations to provide a foundation for introducing students to ways museums are developing new program models with a focus on positive outcomes such as reducing stress and anxiety, promoting social connection and increasing personal agency. S/U only. Enrollment limited to 20.

Interterm, Variable

MUX 300 Seminar: Museums Concentration Research Capstone Seminar (4 Credits)

Required for all seniors pursuing the museums concentration, this seminar provides a forum for students to develop research capstone projects that synthesize their previous coursework and practical experiences for the Museums Concentration. These projects are supplemented by weekly seminar meetings in which students explore and critique the mission and work of museums and contemporary forces shaping them. Class sections also provide a forum for progress reports and discussion of individual research projects as well as final presentations. Students must have completed the requirements for the Museums Concentration ( Cannot be taken S/U. Enrollment limited to 15. Senior Museums concentrators only. Instructor permission required.


MUX 400 Special Studies (1-4 Credits)

Admission by permission of the Museums Concentration director. Normally, enrollment limited to museums concentrators only.

Fall, Spring