Course Catalog 2023-2024

Public Policy

PPL 220 Public Policy Analysis (4 Credits)

Analysis of the institutions and processes of public policy formation and implementation. Explores models designed to explain policy and also those whose purpose is to "improve" policy. Develops and uses analytical tools of formal policy analysis. Examines the debate over the possible and proper uses of these analytic tools. {S}

Fall, Spring, Alternate Years

PPL 250 Race and Public Policy in the United States (4 Credits)

Explanation of current policy issues regarding race. Topics include voting rights, compensation, public and private education, bilingual education and affirmative action in employment. Recommended background: PPL 220 or a course in American government. {S}

Fall, Spring, Alternate Years

PPL 400 Special Studies (1-4 Credits)

By permission of the director. Variable credit.

Fall, Spring