Course Catalog 2023-2024

Collaborative Innovation Concentration

CIX 101 Introduction to Collaborative Innovation (2 Credits)

This course introduces students to key frameworks and theoretical concepts within the domains of collaborative leadership, human centered design and entrepreneurial innovation, and critically considers these practices and their impact in the world. Students engage with guest speakers who are working within diverse fields and roles to examine and explore these concepts within a real-world context. Students engage in hands-on exercises and assignments that introduce ways of working within these domains and reflect on relationships between these domains and their own disciplinary work. This course is the gateway for the Collaborative Innovation Concentration, but is open to all students. S/U only. Enrollment limited to 32.


CIX 301 Collaborative Innovation Capstone (4 Credits)

As the capstone for the Collaborative Innovation Concentration, students put into practice various skills for collaborative and creative problem solving. Through a semester long, real-world collaborative project, students adapt and apply skills grounded in entrepreneurial mindsets, design thinking, and collaborative leadership. Students also practice the integration of their disciplinary knowledge as a core component of their team’s approach. Students consider  the ethics of developing interventions for complex problems, practice navigating ambiguity, and develop skills for decision making grounded in awareness of themselves and others, as well as the contexts in which problems are situated. Cannot be taken S/U. Prerequisite: CIX 101 and IDP 133. CIX concentrators only. Enrollment limited to 15.