Course Catalog 2023-2024

101 Coursework

101.1 Educational Objectives

  • Deepen students' understanding of clients' psychological functioning and psychosocial contexts
  • Broaden students' knowledge of strategies and interventions for change
  • Enhance students' mastery of methods for studying clinical processes and modes for articulating and developing practice knowledge

Coursework is organized to deepen students' understanding of the psychological functioning and psychosocial contexts of the clients with whom they work, strategies and interventions for change, and methods for studying clinical processes, and modes of articulating and developing practice knowledge.

Course descriptions are in the Ph.D. Program brochure. Students take all required courses in sequence. Class schedules and course syllabi are distributed at summer registration. Unless otherwise noted, classes meet 4 hours/week and receive 2 credits each.

As the doctoral degree is intended to denote a balanced professional education in advanced clinical social work theory and practice, rather than just the accumulation of a fixed number of credit hours, supplemental study related to clinical learning needs or independent assignments for specialized career objectives may be required of individual students.

101.2 First Summer Courses

Term 1 (5 weeks)

SOCW 801Clinical Practice I2
SOCW 810Clinical Theories I2
SOCW 820Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods3
SOCW 823Qualitative Research and Inquiry I – Premises and Methods Overview3
SOCW 828Metaperspectives on Clinical Social Work: Paradigms for Social Work Practice2

Term 2 (5 weeks)

SOCW 802Clinical Practice II2
SOCW 805Intersectionality: Clinical Social Work with Historically Marginalized Populations2
SOCW 811Clinical Theories II2
SOCW 821Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis3
SOCW 824Qualitative Research and Inquiry II – Content Analysis and Thematic Analyses3

101.3 – Second Summer Courses

Term 1 (5 weeks)

SOCW 836Neurobiology of Behavior: Essentials for Social Work2
SOCW 837Contemporary Trauma Theory and Practice2
SOCW 847Qualitative Research and Inquiry III – Grounded Theory, Participatory Action Research and Mixed Methods Research3
SOCW 855Health Disparities:  Policies and Their Impact on Practice2
SOCW 858Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis I3

Term 2 (5 weeks)

SOCW 843Relational Theory in Practice: Roots & Emergence of a Dialogue that led to a “Turn” in Psychodynamic2
SOCW 848Qualitative Inquiry: Photovoice, Autoethnography and Performance Inquiry3
SOCW 852The “Relational Turn” in Psychoanalysis: Emergence & Evolving Concepts in Social & Cultural Context2
SOCW 857Research Focused Seminar I2
SOCW 859Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis II3

101.4 – Third Summer Courses

Term 1 (5 weeks)

SOCW 865Senior Seminar in Clinical Social Work Theory and Practice: Uses of Self in Intersubjective Practice2
SOCW 867Research Focused Seminar II2
SOCW 868The Science of Clinical Practice for Social Workers2
SOCW 870Dissertation Design Seminar2
SOCW 873Perspectives of Social Work Education: Focus on Andragogy2

Term 2 (5 weeks)

SOCW 832Supervision, Faculty Field Advising and Consultation in Social Work Education2
SOCW 864Perspectives on Teaching & Learning in Social Work Education2
SOCW 877Research Focused Seminar III2
SOCW 878Capstone Course: Integrating Psychoanalytic Theory, Research and Clinical Practice2
SOCW 879Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis3