Course Catalog 2023-2024

200 Academic Standards

200.1 Class Attendance

Class attendance and the honoring of deadlines for written work are central to the learning process. It is the student's responsibility to inform an instructor if a problem is anticipated, and to develop with the instructor a plan acceptable to the instructor for meeting the student's academic responsibility.

200.2 Grading Policy

General criteria for award of grades are determined by the Doctoral Program faculty. Criteria are communicated by the director to summer instructors, who will inform the class at the first meeting as to how the criteria are to be applied in the course. Instructors are expected, at that time, to inform students specifically as to the nature and timing of the evaluative tools to be used in grading, the requirements for class attendance and participation, and any other criteria the instructor intends to use. Criteria for grading will be put in writing and distributed to students.

200.3 Grading Structure

Pass (P)
Used for performance falling in the range from exceptional, outstanding meritorious achievement to adequate, acceptable graduate level mastery of course content.

Marginal Pass (MP)
Used for performance falling below expected graduate level mastery of course content. Given that our summer academic sessions utilize many part-time faculty from varied backgrounds and academic systems, it is necessary to indicate clearly that MP should be viewed as the equivalent of work in the "C" category in a graded graduate system.

Fail (F)
Used for performance that fails to demonstrate creditable mastery of course content.

Incomplete (I)
Used for incomplete work.

200.4 Evaluative Measures & Academic Warnings

  • The School requires instructors to use two or more graded assignments. In a 10-week course, the instructor shall assign at least three graded assignments, one during the first 5 weeks. Thus, any grade below P on a first assignment shall serve as notice to students that a passing grade is in jeopardy.
  • In a 5-week course, whenever feasible, the instructor shall assess on-going performance as early as possible to identify problems before the final assignment. If there are reasons to be concerned about a student's performance at any time before the final assignment, the instructor shall notify the student and make clear the nature of the concerns. Upon notification, it is the responsibility of the student to initiate a discussion with the instructor about ways to address the concerns in future work. The instructor shall also notify the Doctoral Program director.
  • A student's academic performance shall be assessed on the basis of evidence of:
    1. mastery of course content;
    2. ability to conceptualize;
    3. timeliness of work;
    4. evidence of preparation;
    5. evidence of critical thinking;
    6. integration across the curriculum;
    7. evidence of creativity and originality;
    8. writing skills; and
    9. appropriate professional behavior.
  • In making assignments, instructors are to bear in mind the constraints of the 5-week term and the intensity of the educational experience. Using the School's grading policy, they are expected to assign grades on the basis of a critical and fair assessment of the student's work. It is the right of the instructor to assign the grade he or she deems reflective of the student's performance.

200.5 Grade Requirements for Required & Elective Courses

  • A final grade of MP in any course will be regarded as an occasion for review of the student's learning needs.
  • A grade of F in any required course would disallow a student from continuing in the Program.
  • A grade of F in an elective course will mean that the student must consult with the Registrar regarding deficiencies in course credit. A student may receive no more than one F in an elective course and remain in the Program.

200.6 Grading for Ten-Week Courses

Most academic courses are 5 weeks (one term) in length. Some are 10 weeks (two terms) in length and are graded once at the end of the 10-week period. The final grade for a 10-week course shall be recorded on the transcript in each of the two terms. Thus, a grade of MP in a 10-week course will be the equivalent of two MPs and will be so recorded on the transcript.

200.7 Final Grade of Marginal Pass or Failure

It is the policy of the School to advise students of problems in their academic standing when these become evident. When feasible, faculty will offer early notification about performance falling below acceptable standards and will attempt to help students meet course criteria. In 5-week courses, when substantial weight is carried by the final assignment, prior notification of problems in standing may not be possible. In such instances, lack of prior notification shall not be grounds for an appeal of a grade based on failure or due process.

It is the student's responsibility to attend to academic performance criteria, to monitor his/her own learning performance against these standards, to identify problems in meeting course criteria, and to initiate timely efforts to address them.

  • Normally, instructors contemplating giving a MP or F grade shall consult with the program director. However, it is the final responsibility of the instructor to determine a grade and to document for the student the reason for a grade of MP or F.
  • Students will be notified of final grades of MP or F through the Office of the Registrar.
  • Over the 27 months of Doctoral Program residency, a student may receive up to two (2) MPs in a required course; a subsequent third grade of MP or F in a required course will result in dismissal from the Program.
  • A student who receives a fourth grade of MP or lower in any combination will be dismissed from the Program.

200.8 Incomplete Work

A grade of Incomplete indicates that no credit will be granted until the work in question has been completed satisfactorily. Assignment of this grade by an instructor must be accompanied by a written explanation addressed to the dean or director, and a date by which the incomplete work is due. Normally, work must be completed by the beginning of the field internship period following the summer session. If the due date passes without an additional extension agreed upon by the instructor and the director, in writing, the incomplete will become an F.

200.10 Grade Changes

Normally, grades may not be changed after they have been submitted to the Registrar. Under special circumstances, an instructor may submit a written request and explanation to the dean or program director for a change of grade. Generally, all such requests should be made within one week of the submission of the instructor's grade report.

200.11 Grading the Clinical Internship

(updated 2005, 2011, 2020)

The clinical internship carries academic credit, with grades assigned on a Pass/MP/Fail basis. A grade of MP for the first clinical internship session initiates a meeting of the student’s learning process involving the student, the Faculty Field Advisor and the clinical director (or Program Director). A plan for extended time in the clinical internship experience for the student to successfully meet first year learning goals will be developed. The student may be permitted to participate in session 3 (second academic session). The student must receive a Pass in their first year clinical internship.

A student receiving a grade of F in either of the two clinical internship sessions would not be permitted to continue on to the next following academic session but would be given an opportunity to repeat the failed clinical internship session. A second grade of MP or F in clinical internship would be grounds for dismissal from the Program.

For the 1st year clinical internship, the final grade is made up of three components:

  1. the actual clinical internship session;
  2. the written clinical qualifying exam; and
  3. the oral clinical qualifying exam.

The written clinical qualifying exam is given at the end of the 1st year fieldwork session. The oral clinical qualifying exam is given at the end of the 1st year fieldwork session or in December of the 2nd year. Both exams, as well as the clinical internship component, must be passed before a student's transcript will show a grade of Pass for the 1st year clinical internship.