Course Catalog 2024-2025

Appendix C: 2nd Year Field Assignments

Students are required to submit assignments during the clinical internship. These assignments include case studies and other written papers, as described below.

  • Due date for practicum learning assignments is the 15th of each month with the exception of the “Evaluation of Your PFA” Students should submit practicum learning assignments via Sonia.
  • All written papers should be prepared and formatted according to APA guidelines (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th Edition).

September: 2nd yr Learning Goals & Reading Plan
After reviewing your learning statement from last year, establish a revised set of goals for this year's clinical internship. Indicate the areas of practice that you want to focus on and the clinical issues that you became aware of during last year. Assess the strengths and weaknesses in your supervision, and outline any changes you think it would be useful to make in the internship this year.

October: no written paper this month

November: no written paper this month

December: no written paper this month

January: Review of Learning Goals
Comment briefly on the goals you set in September: Which have been realized? Which are yet to be realized? How will you go about meeting/changing them?

February: no written paper this month

March: Educational Experience in the Program
Comment briefly on:

  • Changes in your approach to practice and your use of self in the treatment relationship
  • Evaluation of your integration of theory and practice
  • Learning experiences in the Program that you found helpful and those that were disappointing
  • Current career aspirations
  • Other matters you would like to convey to your PFA and/or the Ph.D. faculty,
  • Suggestions you have for changes in the Program.

April: Intersubjectivity (case study)
This paper is for the casebook in your senior seminar on intersubjectivity (SOCW 865).

  • 12 to 15 pages in length, double-spaced.
  • Case should be one that presents some kind of dilemma for you that has left you with pressing ongoing questions or, perhaps, unresolved feelings (whether positive or negative). State the dilemma or the nature of your unresolved feelings at the beginning of the paper.
  • Case should be one in which the nature of the interactions between you and your client seemed to have been, at least some of the time, front and center, whether or not the meanings of the interactions were discussed or brought into awareness.
  • Include some history of the client: 2-3 pages of presenting problems as well as relevant contextual and sociocultural information.
  • In 2 pages, summarize what has occurred in your work with the client.
  • Include 2 process recordings that demonstrate material related to the dilemma, or that evoked some feelings in you and/or responses from you that you are still sorting through.
  • You will be expected to present the case in class, so include in your paper two (2) questions that will help organize the class discussion around becoming useful consultants to you.
  • Note that you are not being asked to theorize about how to view this case from an intersubjective point of view. That will be done in class, by everyone together.

April 28th: Evaluation of Your PFA (Optional) The evaluation form will be available through Sonia